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Valley Community Growth Connection Reverse Raffle Drawing Rules

Last number drawn is the grand prize winner if no split is made.

1st number drawn wins $25 or throw back in

Every 25th number wins door prize

100th number drawn announce winners of Chinese Auction items

150th number drawn announce winner of 50/50


Main Board Drawing Rules

After 195 numbers are drawn, the last 5 remaining ticket holders will be asked to come to the Main Board.

If any ticket holder of the last 5 numbers is not present or does not come forward, the ticket holder will not have a say in the negotiations.

If any represented ticket holder of the last 5 numbers does not agree to split, the drawing will continue and there will be no split as long as the dissenters’ number(s) remain on the board.


Side Boards Rules

The last ticket on each Side Board pays ½ of the money collected on that Side Board.

After 195 numbers are drawn, the last 5 remaining ticket holders will meet at respective Side Board for any negotiations.

If the Side Board is not completely sold out, the last 5 ticket holders remaining on that Side Board will be called to the front for any negotiations.

All other rules refer to Format for the Main Board Drawing.


#200 Ticket Raffle Rules

Ticket #200 for the main board and #200 for all the sideboards will be held.  

All main board tickets except ticket #200 are put into the hopper. Main board ticket #200 will be added after the “#200 ticket raffle”

After the 190th number is drawn, a separate “#200 ticket raffle” will be conducted. These tickets were put aside for this separate raffle along with main board ticket #200.

Every side board will have a #200 ticket drawn.  The first winner of the “#200 ticket raffle” will receive one ticket #200 from one of the $1 sideboard(s). Subsequent winners will receive one #200 from one of the $2, $3, and $5 sideboards. The final “#200 ticket raffle” drawn will be the winner of Main Board ticket #200.

The winner(s) must be present to win or the ticket will be re-drawn.


Bingo Rules

Bingo numbers are from 1 to 75.

No letters will be used when numbers are called

Bingo players must cover all numbers on one card for bingo to win.

The winner will receive one half of the bingo card money collected.


Thank you for supporting the Rome Splash Pad and GOOD LUCK!

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